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AI and machine learning are rapidly growing, they’re being applied to creative fields like art, photography, music, video and more. AI is painting portraits, writing songs, curating exhibitions, designing furniture, and more. How will AI change the creative process? Let's work together to develop a cooperative AI, and co-create the design of tomorrow.

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Toretei empowers your creativity by using artificial neural models. To collaborate with AI, you don’t need complex interfaces with dozens of parameters to set.
AI for everyone.



We created our Anti-Bias Engine to avoid racial, gender and age bias in the data. We tested our algorithms in real-world conditions with real-world data.



Toretei is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We follow the rules on data protection and privacy of the European community: General Data Protection Regulation.

Our Approach

The computer should disappear from the scene. Designers are actually not very interested in interacting with computers. They are interested in interacting with sketches, ideas, drawings, concepts, visions. We are not talking about physical disappearance, but mental disappearance, where technology moves mentally into the background. Our approach is to create tools that naturally fit into the traditional work pipeline of designers, enriching their work with a new partner: artificial intelligence.

Our Team

Luca Stornaiuolo
Liza Gazeeva
Tommaso Sardelli
Tommaso Sardelli
Luca Bossi
Lorenzo Farinelli
Qi Zhou

We are an international team of researchers, artists, engineers and designers.
You can meet us in Rome, in Milan, and soon also outside Italy.

Our Works

Our first products are AI Mobili and ReDraw, both focused on the creative collaboration between human and machine. AI Mobili introduces artificial intelligence into the designer's practice. A new step in the creative phase. AI Mobili can be trained to understand the style of a company, or a designer and suggest new forms, consistent with the pre-existing production. ReDraw introduces artists to a new creative method. The interpretation of the sitter can be suggested by artificial intelligence. Our projects are all focused on easy and intuitive co-creation with artificial intelligence.

AI Art/Mobile/Web App


The original artistic Artificial Intelligence to redraw your world.

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AI Design/Web App

AI Mobili

Furniture has its own DNA to combine and cross, to give life to new forms.

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